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5 Ways to Incorporate Water Features in Small Spaces

Back Yard Pond

A water feature doesn't have to be reserved for large yards. Even in a small deck or backyard patio, you can create a stunning feature that brings joy and relaxation. Here are a few ideal ways to do that.

1. Traditional Fountain

Traditional outdoor water fountains now come in a variety of sizes, styles, and price ranges. A large, Classical Roman or Greek statue makes an excellent centerpiece for any garden, but even a small and eye-catching flowing urn on its side can be a conversation-starter. 

If you're short on funds or you want to personalize your fountain, you can make a simple bubbler out of just about any container you choose.

Many gardeners like to use beautiful flower pots, but you can also create a bubbler with pottery urns, strawberry pots, or even fun ball shapes. Cut a hole in the bottom for the pump's cord and place the unit near an electrical outlet, then cover or bury the cord in the landscaping. 

2. Water Wall

Don't like the look of a regular bubbling fountain? Try a water wall for a modern instead. Water walls have a tall vertical piece that allows water to spill over in a smooth sluice effect into a catch basin below.

They look great in any architectural style from old Southwest to Mediterranean to sleek modern. You could even design a water wall that spills water along the entire wall area to fall in a single, graceful motion that looks like rain. 

3. Contained Pond

Ponds are usually large features in the grass or garden beds. But ponds can be placed in hardscaping as well, by choosing a solid, contained border style. For those on a tight budget, galvanized troughs make lovely bases for water gardens. Dress up the trough with container plants around the edges, water plants, and even a few small koi to give it energy. 

Customize the look of a contained pond to match with your hardscape decor. You could, for instance, opt for a round or square wall of brick or stone with a solid interior or a low concrete wall with artistic embellishments on the outside and a smooth top for sitting. 

4. Wall-Mounted Feature

If you have no floor space for a water feature, you can still install one if you focus on vertical space instead. Wall-mounted waterfalls can be built directly into the walls of an outdoor entertainment area, along a fence, or even placed up against the exterior wall of the house. To find out how to integrate a wall-mounted water element in your existing hardscape, work with a professional contractor to avoid problems with electrical and water systems. 

Wall-mounted fountains can release water in any method you prefer, from a single spout spurting a stream to a dripping fountain that bubbles water along a series of vertical obstacles. 

5. Bird Bath

If you want a fun water feature that takes little to no maintenance, a bird bath might be just right. This classic outdoor element can provide the beauty of a fountain without all the moving parts. And as an added bonus, you'll attract a colorful and exuberant collection of backyard birds. 

Today's bird baths offer special add-on's that make them even more attractive to birds and outdoor entertaining. You could opt for a pleasant mister that works great for species like hummingbirds. If you want to enjoy the outdoors during colder weather, electrified bird baths even keep the water from freezing. 

Get started on your new small-space water feature today with a call to SummerScape, LLC. We can help assess your yard's potential as well as the needs of specific types of water features, such as electricity, plumbing, and water conservation. 


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