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Landscape Lighting for Safety, Beauty, and Function

Lighting in Garden

Every exterior design plan must include lighting. Light increases safety at night and draws attention to features that would otherwise stay hidden in the shadows until morning. Landscape lighting can include small touches added by homeowners or more sophisticated professional setups. Many people find that a combination of the two works best.

DIY Lighting Options

You can add a lot of great lighting options to highlight your yard. Here are some lighting options you can add to your yard on your own.

Solar Lights to Brighten Walkways and Gardens

Solar lighting is a straightforward way to line walkways and highlight the edges of gardens. Solar lights produce a soft light that can brighten the surroundings enough to make paths safe to navigate after dark. Nevada has an ample share of sunlight, so the lights should keep enough of a charge to glow through the night.

Manufacturers also offer solar spotlights. The lights are not as bright as traditional lights, so you often need to use more than one spotlight. The spotlights can highlight garden statues and architectural features or brighten shaded areas near the house that could otherwise entice intruders.  

Pond Kits to Keep Water Features Lighted

Pond light kits offer submersible fixtures you can use in water features, and they are also often usable on dry land. The simple kits have adjustable mounts so the lights can angle up from the bottom of the pond or fountain or shine through a waterfall. The small fixtures hide easily in bushes or other greenery along the perimeter of the pond for a subdued light without the distraction of the fixture.

Many kits come with colored lights, and some allow the operator to change the colors by remote. The pond kits work safely in ponds and fountains, but spas and pools need grounded lighting to prevent accidents. A licensed professional should always install the lights added to these types of water features.

Professional Lighting Options

If you don’t want to install lighting features yourself, you can hire a professional landscaping company to install strategic lighting.

Illuminate all Walking Areas With Low-Voltage Lighting

A landscape lighting plan of professionally installed low-voltage lighting can supply layers of light to the entire yard. A basic surface design usually includes garden lights. Wired garden lights shine brighter than their solar counterparts, so homeowners can use fewer fixtures for the same effect.

Garden lights brighten walkways, erase shadows from flower gardens, and mark out low lying tripping hazards like steps. The shade reflects the light back towards the ground, so they do not compete with other lighting features. The reflected light makes garden fixtures an acceptable choice for homeowners who want minimal exterior lighting.  

Draw Attention to Features With Directional lights

Lighting can show off fences, homes, and greenery at night. Directional, well, and area lights are all useful options for this purpose. Well lights are spotlights that install in the ground, so the fixture stays unseen. The uses for these lights includes highlighting trees, walls, and small sections of the exterior facade of buildings.

Traditional spotlights are surface mounted so they can shine directly towards the subject or even angle down. Some of the many uses of spotlights include showcasing a flagpole or brightening a statue.  

Add a Little Ambiance With Deck Lights

Deck lights attach to railings and posts and shine a soft light downward. They brighten decks and stairs enough for safe nighttime use without the harsh glare of a floodlight. Hardscape lights offer the same benefits but mount under any overhang for soft lighting in walkways, along fence lines, or on patios.  

Show Off a Home With floodlights

The right lighting gives homes 24-hour curb appeal. Ground-mounted floodlights allow people to show the architectural beauty of a large home at night. Low voltage floodlights, in addition to their money-saving efficiency, project a soft light on the home to avoid washing out the features with a bright beam. Multiple floodlights help to prevent shadows.  

Lighting systems can run off separate circuits, so homeowners have the freedom to light as much or as little of the yard as they want each night. At SummerScape, LLC we always recommend that every landscape design includes a detailed lighting plan. It is the best way for you to get the most out of your investment. Contact us to learn more.


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