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Landscape Maintenance in RENO, NV

experienced lawn services
Tending to your property is not a one-time job. Everything in your yard is living, growing and flowering — and all of it subject to extreme weather and the shifting seasons. It is a rigorous job that has no end and it can seem overwhelming without help. At SummerScape, LLC, we will help you cultivate and maintain your yard to keep it flourishing for years to come.
We’ve spent years maintaining the commercial and residential properties in  Reno, Sparks and surrounding areas​. This has provided our team with the experience and knowledge to get the job done thoroughly and affordably. We use only the best equipment to handle any maintenance work needed for your yard.

Our Affordable Maintenance Services

Landscaping Maintenance

Whether you simply need to clear away autumn leaves or require an entire spring overhaul, we can handle all of your seasonal maintenance needs. We also specialize in snow removal so that you can enjoy the winter season from the comfort of a well-maintained home.

Hardscaping Repairs

Don’t wait to fix broken features and systems in your yard. Our experienced crew will quickly replace or repair your varied hardscaping fixtures for an affordable rate. From repairing your sprinkler system to replacing cracked pavers, we will provide you with quality results for all your exterior upkeep needs. Get a free estimate today and keep your yard maintained and pristine.
Just as important as it is to build that perfectly landscaped yard, it’s equally important to keep it maintained. At SummerScape, LLC, we provide year-round lawn maintenance services, including snow removal, brush removal, and more. Call us at 775-677-7791 for an estimate on our services!