Landscape -- it's the "other half" of your property value. If you have a beautiful house that sits on a dirt lot, you can only enjoy the great indoors ...and then there is the property value issue. We at Summerscape have the know-how and the experience to transform your outdoor spaces into something beautiful , useful and valuable.

You can count on us to take a project from the first draft to the final inspection of a job well done!



Hardscape marries concrete skills with  centuries old  brick and stone work. 

When the job calls for an Old World grace that flows with the land, hardscape is the answer.  Proper site preparation, knowledge of local soils, specialized equipment, and proper technique are essential. 


From design to  the last  brick laid in place, our work is done with the skill and knowledge of the Old World Craftsman while taking full advantage of modern tools and techniques..


Landscape  and Hardscape are investments worth protecting.

The best way to protect the value of your investment in landscape and hardscape is regular maintenance. Give us a call for a free inspection and estimate for updates and upgrades.

For our commercial customers, snow removal is essential to keeping a business open and the cashflow flowing. It is an indispensible winter maintenance task.  We've got your covered (or should we say uncovered

Call us for a free estimate.



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