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We Are The

Landscape Experts

We deliver design to finished project on time, on budget and at the highest standards.  We know how to do this. 


Landscaping ​is a mix of art and science. We have expertise in both. The technical details of site evaluation, site preparation, selection of materials and managing environmental variables throughout are like playing 3D chess.  No problem.  We've got that.  But... That's just half of it.   We have design talent that mixes the science with color and form to create art.  Before we even move that first shovel of soil, we have a design that guides our every move

The result is pure magic,

Art and Science.

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Trees, lawns and gardens

Trees transform a property into a living landscape.  They are a key element that not only adds life but can also save you money in summer cooling bills.  The shade from trees can cool an area dramatically.  The right choice of tree can allow winter sunlight to pass through.  All it takes is the right choices and careful design to have beauty, added function and added value.



Average rainfall in Reno is only about seven and a half inches a year.  Wise water use is essential. We are experts at delivering the beauty and value you want while minimizing water use.


Make Your Statement With Euduring Beauty

Landscape is far from just a lawn, gardens and trees, it's a combination of disciplines like horticulture, concrete, stonework, plumbing and electrical. We are masters of all those individual disciplines. More than that, though, we have the design skill to integrate those disciplines into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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